Below are links to the HWMR – Life Lessons documents. Please note these are for temporary study and Lord’s Day prophesying use only, not for widespread electronic distribution. All material is copyrighted by Living Stream Ministry.

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HWMR – Life Lessons

Week 12 – The Truth of the Kingdom and Christ’s Second Coming

Week 11- The God-ordained Way and Being Revived Every Morning

Week 10 – The Truth and Practice of the Church

Week 9 – Serving the Lord and Preaching the Gospel

Week 8 – Knowing the Holy Spirit and Being Filled with the Spirit

Week 7 – The Body of Christ and the Meeting Life – updated

Week 6 – The Revelation and Experience of Christ

Week 5 – God’s Economy and Consecrating to the Lord in Love

Week 4 – The Triune God’s Revelation and His Move

Week 3 – The Word of Life and Pray-reading the Word

Week 2 – Judicial Redemption and Organic Salvation

Week 1 – The Mingled Spirit and Calling on the Name of the Lord