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Announcements for the week of May 12, 2019

Church in Round Rock Meeting Location Change

As mentioned in this week’s meeting, the church’s rental contract for Union Hill is not being renewed. Therefore our last meeting at Union Hill will be Lord’s Day, June 2nd.

Bible Camp will still be held at Union Hill from June 3 – June 7. On June 7th at the close of Bible Camp we will permanently vacate Union Hill.

After the table meeting on Lord’s Day, May 26th, the church will move all our possessions (excluding those needed for Bible Camp) out of Union Hill Elementary to be stored at our new location which will be announced next week. We hope as many saints as possible can help us move all of our items.

Please continue to keep all these matters in your prayers.


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First Lord’s Table Meeting of the Church in Elgin

When: 10:00 am, Lord’s Day, June 2

Location: 1092 FM 3000, Elgin, TX 78621 (Diller residence)

Deadline: Sign up in the service office by Lord’s Day, May 26

The saints in Round Rock are invited to celebrate the first Lord’s table meeting of the church in Elgin on June 2. It will be followed by a love feast, with the food provided by the church in Elgin. In order to assist with planning, the Elgin saints have requested that we inform them regarding the number of saints attending. Therefore please sign up in the service office by Lord’s Day, May 26 if you plan to attend.


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This Week’s Ministry

Week 5 – God’s Desire for All His People to Be Today’s Nazarites

HWMR – Crystallization Study of Numbers (1)


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Bookroom Announcements

Bible Camp song CDs available for purchase for $14 per set

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Prayer Meeting

The weekly prayer meeting is at the Cheung’s home on Wednesday
night from 7:30 – 8:30

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Children Announcements

Bible Camp Songs
You may purchase the bible camp song CDs in the church bookroom. There are also several options where you can purchase the mp3 versions.

Lord’s Day Meetings
Parents and/or guardians must always sign-out your own children immediately after the meeting. Please obey this important safety policy.

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Young People Announcements

The 2019 Seniors Conference is June 8-9 in Dallas. See Events below for details.

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Event Announcements

First Lord's Table Meeting of the Church in Elgin
Elgin, TX
L.D., May 26L.D., June 2The saints in Elgin have requested a head count of those who plan to attend. Please sign up in the service office by May 26.
International Memorial Day Conference
Seattle, WA
PastFri., May 24 - Mon., May 27Information and registration in the service office
2019 Seniors Conference
Dallas, TX
Wed., May 29, 2019Sat., June 8 - L.D., June 9Cost is $35 plus $15 transportation fee.
Please register and pay online
2019 Summer Video Training
Round Rock, TX
Tues., June 18Wed., July 3 - L.D., July 14Registration will start in a few weeks

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Please email us if you would like additional information