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For the Week of February 21, 2021

*NEW* New HWMR Starts this Week
We are starting, “The All-Inclusive, Extensive Christ Replacing Culture for the One New Man,” this week. See the Book Service tab for information regarding purchases options.

For February 28th prophesying meeting
HWMR – The All-Inclusive, Extensive Christ Replacing Culture for the One New Man,
Week 1 – “The Urgent Need for Our Culture to Be Replaced by the All-inclusive, Extensive Christ” 

Need to purchase the HWMR? Check out the Book Service tab for purchase options.

*NEW* Next HWMR Starts on February 22
The next HWMR, “The All-Inclusive, Extensive Christ Replacing Culture for the One New Man,” starts on February 22.

You may order a copy directly from Living Stream Ministry by clicking here.

The HWMR can also be purchased in the following electronic formats:
Amazon (Kindle)  Apple (iOS)  Google (Android)
For more information regarding ebook options visit the LSM ebooks website.

CIRR Online Bookstore
The church online bookstore offers bibles and various ministry books for sale. 
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Visit the Meetings Schedule page for the list of meetings

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In light of the government mandate for social distancing and limitations to group gatherings, the church in Round Rock will not meet in the CIRR Hall facility until the government mandate is over and we feel safe for us to gather together again.  Instead, we will meet in multiple Zoom video groups. Visit the meetings schedule page for details.

Click here to read the CIRR online meeting announcement.


Bible Reading Challenge

We will announce here when the next reading challenge begins.

Bible Challenges website: 

Here is how you participate:

  1. Contact brother Ruben to let him know you want to participate.
  2. On the first day of the challenge, you will receive your first email containing your reading for that day.
  3. After you read your chapter, click on the link at the bottom of that email to log your reading.
  4. That’s it!

*NEW* Fall Semester YP Meetings
The first YP meeting of the fall semester will be via Zoom on Saturday, September 12, from 5:00 pm to 6:15 pm.
Contact the service office for the meeting credentials:

No conferences are scheduled at this time


Check the CONFERENCES, FAMILY and COUPLES tabs for current announcements

There are no current conferences 

When archived messages from previous conferences become available we will announce them here.

The Bible Tells Me So

The Bible Tells Me So website includes fun activities for parents and children to enjoy together, including songs, crafts, and videos. Visit 

“A Holy Marriage for God’s Purpose”

Message number one 

Message number two

As you listen to and take notes on the audio messages, you can also follow along with the outline by clicking on the link below.

Msg 1 & 2 Outlines – Complete with all Verses and Including Excerpts