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 Announcements for the week of April 8, 2018

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This Week’s Ministry

Week 8 – Taking Christ as Our Trespass Offering for God’s Purpose
HWMR – Crystallization-Study of Leviticus (Vol. 2)

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2018 Bible Camp

The deadline to order your Bible Camp song CD at a discounted rate is this coming Lord’s Day, April 15!
Order your CD online
and pay for it in the service office by this Lord’s Day.

Registration for Bible Camp has begun! Find more information on the Bible Camp website.

Also new this year – Bible Camp registration has gone mobile! You now have the option to text-to-register!

Step 1: Create a contact on your phone using phone number 512-501-1830 and name it CIRR2GO

Step 2: Text keyword EVENT to your CIRR2GO contact and wait for the return message that will provide a list of Bible Camp related keywords

Step 3: Text the particular event keyword (for example, CAMPCD) to your CIRR2GO contact and wait for the return message that will provide the appropriate link

Step 4: Click on the link and you will be taken to the corresponding registration page. Then follow the instructions and complete the form. That’s it!

Keyword Quick Reference

BCPARENT – link for parents/guardians to register children for Bible Camp

BCSERVE – link to YP to apply as serving ones

CAMPCD – link to order your Bible Camp song CD

BCINFO – link to the Bible Camp website

Click here to download the full instruction sheet for more details.
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Bookroom Announcements

Holy Word for Morning Revival (HWMR)
The new Holy Word for Morning Revival “Crystallization-Study of Leviticus (Vol. 2)” is available for purchase ($7) in the bookroom.
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Children Announcements

Lord’s Day Meetings
Parents and/or guardians must always sign-out your own children immediately after the meeting. Please obey this important safety policy.
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Young People Announcements

Saturday Night Meeting Location
April 14 – Contreras’ house

This Week’s Ministry
JTTB, Unit 4, Lesson 2 – The Sons of Eli, 1 Sam. 2-4 

YP Adult Worker Coordination
Adult workers coordinating together for the YP gather the first and third Wednesday of each month from 8:30 pm to 9:15 pm at the home of David and Agnes Cheung. Workers assignment is to read in advance and come ready to fellowship booklet, “How to Lead the Young People” (available for purchase in the book room).
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Event Announcements

6th Grade Conference
Zapatero's Home
Round Rock, TX
L.D., April 15Sat., Apr. 21 – L.D., Apr. 22Register online
Cost $35 ($45 after 4/15)
2018 Spring Gospel to All the
Nations Conference

Dunn Loring, VA
TBDFri., May 4 – L.D., May 6Register online at Washington DC Gospel to All the Nations Conference
2018 International Memorial Day

Kansas City, MO
L.D., April 29Fri., May 25 – Mon., May 28Register in the service office
2018 July Semi-annual Training
Anaheim, CA
L.D., April 29Mon., July 2 – Sat., July 7Register online
Cost $205 ($255 after 4/29)
2018 Bible Camp
Union Hill Elementary
Round Rock, TX
L.D., May 20 to avoid late fee
L.D., June 3
Mon., Jun. 11 - Fri., Jun. 15See Bible Camp website
for details.
Camp $60 ($80 after 6/3)
T-shirt $10 (for YP serving ones)
Song CD $7

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Please email us if you would like additional information