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* * LSM Webcast Subscription Price Reduction * *

To encourage and help the saints seize the opportunity to gain more Christ, Living Stream Ministry has reduced the monthly webcast subscription cost to $4.95 a month for the next three months. For $4.95 a month, subscribers are able to watch an unlimited number of videos from LSM Webcast’s vast video collection of conferences and trainings. Current webcast subscribers do not need to do anything; the reduced monthly subscription cost will automatically apply. Those who wish to subscribe, please go to and register for a new account. This special rate subscription program begins on April 1 and ends on June 30. For more details, please visit

Announcements – Week of March 29, 2020

Letter of Comfort and Encouragement –
from the co-workers in the Lord’s Recovery

The co-workers have written a letter of comfort and encouragement to all the saints in the recovery. You can read the letter here.

* Important Announcement Concerning Church Meetings *

To the saints meeting in Round Rock, please click here.

This Week’s Ministry

HWMR – Crystallization-Study of Deuteronomy, Volume 2

For April 5th Prophesying – Week 10 – Avoiding Division, Which is versus the Oneness that We Keep, and Rejecting Apostasy, Which is versus the Faith That We Contend For.

*NEW* Church in Round Rock Online Bookstore

To facilitate the purchase and distribution of the HWMR books, the church in Round Rock book service now has an online bookstore.

Visit the bookstore using this link:


by texting keyword BOOKSTORE to CIRR2GO (512-501-1830).

The current HMWR – Deuteronomy Vol. 2 is now on sale for $3.50.

We start a new HMWR on April 20, Knowing and Experiencing the All-Inclusive, Extensive Christ, available in English, Spanish and Chinese.  All orders are pre-paid only.  Note that no extra books will be ordered by the book service so you must place your online order by Lord’s Day, April 5.

Books will be available for pickup at the Wu’s home.  After the order is received you will be notified regarding how to schedule a pickup time.

Should you have any questions please contact the book service at

Online Church Meeting Information

In light of the government mandate for social distancing and limitations to group gatherings, the church in Round Rock will not meet in the CIRR Hall facility until the government mandate is over. Instead, we will meet in multiple Zoom video groups. Visit the meetings schedule page for details.


International Memorial Day Conference
Atlanta, GA
Thurs., Apr. 30Fri., May 22 - Mon., May 25Childcare is available. Register for the conference by texting keyword MEMDAY to 512-501-1830, or by using this link.
Bible Camp
CIRR Hall, Hutto, TX
TBDMon., June 8 - Fri., June 12Mark your calendars now for bible camp! Details will be available soon.

Young People

Young People’s Bible Reading Challenge – The Book of Acts

This challenge begins on Mar 30, 2020 and ends on Apr 30, 2020. You can see a detailed schedule of readings below.

Here is how you participate:

  1. On the first day of the challenge, you will receive your first email containing your reading for that day.
  2. After you read your chapter, click on the link at the bottom of that email to log your reading
  3. That’s it!

Scheduled Readings for this Challenge

Date Chapter
3/30/20 Acts 1
3/31/20 Acts 2
4/1/20 Acts 3
4/2/20 Acts 4
4/3/20 Acts 5
4/4/20 Acts 6
4/6/20 Acts 7
4/7/20 Acts 8
4/8/20 Acts 9
4/9/20 Acts 10
4/10/20 Acts 11
4/11/20 Acts 12
4/13/20 Acts 13
4/14/20 Acts 14
4/15/20 Acts 15
4/16/20 Acts 16
4/17/20 Acts 17
4/18/20 Acts 18
4/20/20 Acts 19
4/21/20 Acts 20
4/22/20 Acts 21
4/23/20 Acts 22
4/24/20 Acts 23
4/25/20 Acts 24
4/27/20 Acts 25
4/28/20 Acts 26
4/29/20 Acts 27
4/30/20 Acts 28


“A Holy Marriage for God’s Purpose”

Message number one – click on the audio file here:

Message number two – click on the audio file here:

As you listen to and take notes on the audio messages, you can also follow along with the outline by clicking on the links below.

Msg 1 & 2 Outlines – Complete with all Verses and Including Excerpts

Msg 1 Outline Only – Page One – A Holy Marriage for God’s Purpose

Msg 1 Outline Only – Page Two – A Holy Marriage for God’s Purpose

Excerpts – Page One – Marriage Being Ordained by God

Excerpts – Page Two – Continued

Excerpts – Page Three – Continued

Excerpts – Page Four – Continued

Please email us if you would like additional information