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 For the Week of November 28th, 2021

*NEW* BBQ Lunch Lord’s Day, December 5th
There will be a BBQ lunch on Lord’s Day, December 5th, right after the table meeting, at the meeting hall property. Burgers will be served and you’re welcome to bring a dish to share with others. We will need some saints to help serve the food, chop the tomatoes, onions, etc. Please see the Sign-Up link below. Let us pray for the Lord’s blessing during this time.

BBQ Lunch Sign-Up Link

*DEADLINE APPROACHING* 2021 Winter Semiannual Training (Dec. 20-31, 2021)
The semiannual training will be held online only; there will be no live training. The topic is the Crystallization-Study of 1 & 2 Samuel. 
Online registration: November 1st – December 5th, 2021
Late registration starts: December 6th, 2021 ($25 late fee will be applied)
Register by clicking the button below or by texting the keyword “Video” to CIRR2GO (512-501-1830)
Winter Training Registration 

For the December 5th, Lord’s Day prophesying meeting
HWMR – The Crystallization Study of Joshua, Judges and Ruth (Vol. 1)
Week 6 – “The Intrinsic Significance of the Book of Judges and the Apostasy of Israel in the Worshipping of God” (repeat of last week)

Need to purchase the HWMR? Check out the Book Service tab for purchase options.

Church Bible Reading Schedule
Download Schedule Here
On mobile swipe table to view entire week

Nov 28-Dec 4Luke 6:17-49Luke 7:1-17Luke 7:18-50Luke 8:1-25Luke 8:26-56Luke 9:1-21Luke 9:22-36
Exo 27Exo 28:1-21Exo 28:22-43Exo 29:1-23Exo 29:24-46Exo 30:1-16Exo 30:17-38
Dec 5-11Luke 9:37-62Luke 10:1-24Luke 10:25-42Luke 11:1-32Luke 11:33-54Luke 12:1-12Luke 12:13-34
Exo 31Exo 32Exo 33Exo 34Exo 35Exo 36:1-19Exo 36:20-38
Dec 12-18Luke 12:35-59Luke 13:1-17Luke 13:18-35Luke 14:1-14Luke 14:15-35Luke 15Luke 16
Exo 37Exo 38Exo 39:1-22Exo 39:23-43Exo 40:1-16Exo 40:17-38Lev 1
Dec 19-25Luke 17:1-19Luke 17:20-37Luke 18:1-17Luke 18:18-43Luke 19:1-27Luke 19:28-48Luke 20:1-26
Lev 2Lev 3Lev 4Lev 5Lev 6Lev 7:1-21Lev 7:22-38
Dec 26-Jan 1Luke 20:27-47Luke 21:1-19Luke 21:20-38Luke 22:1-23Luke 22:24-46Luke 22:47-71Luke 23:1-25
Lev 8:1-17Lev 8:18-36Lev 9Lev 10Lev 11:1-25Lev 11:26-47Lev 12
Jan 2-8Luke 23:26-56Luke 24:1-35Luke 24:36-53John 1:1-28John 1:29-51John 2John 3:1-21
Lev 13:1-21Lev 13:22-39Lev 13:40-59Lev 14:1-16Lev 14:17-32Lev 14:33-57Lev 15
Jan 9-15John 3:22-36John 4:1-26John 4:27-54John 5:1-30John 5:31-47John 6:1-31John 6:32-51
Lev 16Lev 17Lev 18Lev 19:1-18Lev 19:19-37Lev 20Lev 21
Jan 16-22John 6:52-71John 7:1-24John 7:25-53John 8:1-20John 8:21-36John 8:37-59John 9:1-13
Lev 22Lev 23:1-22Lev 23:23-44Lev 24Lev 25:1-17Lev 25:18-38Lev 25:39-55
Jan 23-29John 9:14-41John 10:1-21John 10:22-42John 11:1-40John 11:41-57John 12:1-11John 12:12-50
Lev 26:1-20Lev 26:21-46Lev 27Num 1:1-27Num 1:28-54Num 2Num 3:1-24
Jan 30-Feb 5John 13:1-17John 13:18-38John 14John 15John 16:1-15John 16:16-33John 17
Num 3:25-51Num 4:1-20Num 4:21-49Num 5Num 6Num 7:1-22Num 7:23-40
Feb 6-12John 18:1-27John 18:28-40John 19:1-30John 19:31-42John 20John 21Acts 1
Num 7:41-65Num 7:66-89Num 8Num 9Num 10:1-13Num 10:14-36Num 11
Feb 13-19Acts 2:1-21Acts 2:22-47Acts 3Acts 4:1-18Acts 4:19-37Acts 5:1-16Acts 5:17-42
Num 12Num 13Num 14:1-25Num 14:26-45Num 15:1-16Num 15:17-41Num 16:1-18
Feb 20-26Acts 6Acts 7:1-16Acts 7:17-47Acts 7:48-60Acts 8:1-25Acts 8:26-40Acts 9:1-19
Num 16:19-50Num 17Num 18Num 19Num 20Num 21Num 22:1-19
DatesLord's DayMondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday
Feb 27-Mar 5Acts 9:20-43Acts 10:1-33Acts 10:34-48Acts 11Acts 12Acts 13:1-34Acts 13:35-52
Num 22:20-41Num 23Num 24Num 25Num 26:1-21Num 26:22-43Num 26:44-65
Mar 6-12Acts 14Acts 15:1-21Acts 15:22-41Acts 16:1-18Acts 16:19-40Acts 17:1-18Acts 17:19-34
Num 27Num 28Num 29:1-20Num 29:21-40Num 30:1-16Num 31:1-24Num 31:25-54
Mar 13-19Acts 18Acts 19:1-20Acts 19:21-41Acts 20:1-12Acts 20:13-38Acts 21:1-17Acts 21:18-40
Num 32:1-19Num 32:20-42Num 33:1-25Num 33:26-49Num 33:50-56Num 34Num 35
Mar 20-26Acts 22Acts 23:1-15Acts 23:16-35Acts 24Acts 25Acts 26Acts 27:1-26
Num 36Deut 1:1-18Deut 1:19-46Deut 2:1-23Deut 2:24-37Deut 3Deut 4:1-24
Mar 27-Apr 2Acts 27:27-44Acts 28Rom 1Rom 2Rom 3Rom 4Rom 5
Deut 4:25-49Deut 5Deut 6Deut 7Deut 8Deut 9Deut 10
Apr 3-9Rom 6Rom 7Rom 8:1-13Rom 8:14-39Rom 9Rom 10Rom 11:1-22
Deut 11Deut 12Deut 13Deut 14Deut 15Deut 16Deut 17
Apr 10-16Rom 11:23-36Rom 12Rom 13Rom 14Rom 15Rom 161 Cor 1
Deut 18Deut 19Deut 20Deut 21Deut 22Deut 23Deut 24
Apr 17-231 Cor 21 Cor 31 Cor 41 Cor 51 Cor 61 Cor 7:1-241 Cor 7:25-40
Deut 25Deut 26Deut 27Deut 28:1-14Deut 28:15-46Deut 28:47-68Deut 29
Apr 24-301 Cor 81 Cor 91 Cor 101 Cor 11:1-161 Cor 11:17-341 Cor 121 Cor 13
Deut 30Deut 31Deut 32:1-29Deut 32:30-52Deut 33Deut 34Josh 1
May 1-71 Cor 14:1-191 Cor 14:20-401 Cor 15:1-191 Cor 15:20-341 Cor 15:35-581 Cor 162 Cor 1
Josh 2Josh 3Josh 4Josh 5Josh 6Josh 7Josh 8
May 8-142 Cor 22 Cor 32 Cor 42 Cor 52 Cor 62 Cor 72 Cor 8
Josh 9Josh 10:1-27Josh 10:28-43Josh 11Josh 12Josh 13Josh 14
May 15-212 Cor 92 Cor 102 Cor 112 Cor 122 Cor 13Gal 1Gal 2
Josh 15:1-19Josh 15:20-41Josh 15:42-63Josh 16Josh 17Josh 18Josh 19:1-23
May 22-28Gal 3Gal 4Gal 5Gal 6Eph 1Eph 2Eph 3
Josh 19:24-51Josh 20Josh 21:1-19Josh 21:20-45Josh 22Josh 23Josh 24
May 29-Jun 4Eph 4Eph 5Eph 6Phil 1Phil 2Phil 3Phil 4
Judg 1:1-21Judg 1:22-36Judg 2Judg 3Judg 4Judge 5Judg 6:1-19
Jun 5-11Col 1Col 2Col 3Col 41 Thes 11 Thes 21 Thes 3
Judg 6:20-40Judg 7Judg 8Judg 9:1-26Judg 9:27-57Judg 10Judg 11:1-18
Jun 12-181 Thes 41 Thes 52 Thes 12 Thes 22 Thes 31 Tim 11 Tim 2
Judg 11:19-40Judg 12Judg 13Judg 14Judg 15Judg 16Judg 17
Jun 19-251 Tim 31 Tim 41 Tim 51Tim 62 Tim 12 Tim 22 Tim 3
Judg 18Judg 19Judg 20:1-23Judg 20:24-48Judg 21Ruth 1Ruth 2
Jun 26-Jul 22 Tim 4Tit 1Tit 2Tit 3Phm 1Heb 1Heb 2
Ruth 3Ruth 41 Sam 11 Sam 2:1-111 Sam 2:12-361 Sam 31 Sam 4
Jul 3-9Heb 3Heb 4Heb 5Heb 6Heb 7Heb 8Heb 9
1 Sam 51 Sam 61 Sam 71 Sam 81 Sam 91 Sam 101 Sam 11
Jul 10-16Heb 10:1-18Heb 10:19-40Heb 11:1-22Heb 11:23-40Heb 12Heb 13James 1
1 Sam 121 Sam 131 Sam 14:1-241 Sam 14:25-521 Sam 151 Sam 161 Sam 17:1-18
Jul 17-23James 2James 3James 4James 51 Pet 1 1 Sam 20:1-231 Pet 21 Pet 3 1 Sam 21
1 Sam 17:19-391 Sam 17:40-581 Sam 181 Sam 191 Sam 20:24-42
Jul 24-301 Pet 4 1 Sam 221 Pet 5 1 Sam 232 Pet 1 1 Sam 242 Pet 2 1 Sam 25:1-192 Pet 31 John 11 John 2
1 Sam 25:20-441 Sam 261 Sam 27
Jul 31-Aug 61 John 31 John 41 John 52 John 13 John 1Jude 1Rev 1
1 Sam 281 Sam 291 Sam 301 Sam 312 Sam 12 Sam 22 Sam 3:1-21
Aug 7-13Rev 2Rev 3Rev 4Rev 5Rev 6Rev 7Rev 8
2 Sam 3:22-392 Sam 42 Sam 52 Sam 62 Sam 72 Sam 82 Sam 9
Aug 14-20Rev 9Rev 10Rev 11Rev 12Rev 13Rev 14Rev 15
2 Sam 102 Sam 112 Sam 122 Sam 13:1-222 Sam 13:23-392 Sam 142 Sam 15:1-15
Aug 21-27Rev 16Rev 17Rev 18Rev 19Rev 20Rev 21Rev 22
2 Sam 15:16-372 Sam 162 Sam 172 Sam 182 Sam 19:1-142 Sam 19:15-432 Sam 20

Each Lord’s Day the church in Round Rock gathers in person to prophesy, enjoy the Lord and worship at the Lord’s table.

At present, we also have an accommodation for those who wish to attend via Zoom.

Meeting Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm

Location:  9100 SH130, Hutto, TX 78634
Click for Directions

Zoom Meeting Information:
Mtg ID: 875 4037 0983
Passcode: 142095
Zoom Meeting Link

Raising Up the Next Generation Weekly Prayer Time
As members of the Body, we are burdened for the raising up of our children for the Lord’s purpose. In order to carry out this burden, a short weekly prayer time has been setup on Monday and Thursday evenings from 8:00 pm to 8:20 pm. All saints are invited to join this Zoom meeting whenever their schedules allow. We hope many will take part in this vital service to shepherd our children and young people.

Note: If you would like to receive weekly reminders for the prayer time, please text keyword NEXTGEN to 512-501-1830 or click here

Young People’s Work Prayer Time – 7th thru 12th grade
Every Monday:  8:00-8:20pm
Zoom Meeting ID: 423-447-1595
Password: 026321
Zoom Link

Children’s Work Prayer Time- Infant thru 6th grade
Every Thursday:  8:00-8:20pm
Zoom Meeting ID: 810 465 9284 

Password: parents
Zoom Link

Current Holy Word for Morning Revival (HWMR)
The HWMR can be ordered directly from Living Stream Ministry by clicking here.
The current HWMR can also be purchased in the following electronic formats:
Amazon (Kindle)  Apple (iOS)  Google (Android)
For more information regarding ebook options visit the LSM ebooks website.

Bibles and ministry books are available in the church online bookstore

Go to CIRR Online Bookstore

Visit the Meetings Schedule page for the list of meetings

 View Meetings Schedule


Raising Up the Next Generation Weekly Prayer Time 
Saints meet weekly to pray for the Young People’s work – 7th grade thru 12th grade
When: Every Monday
Time: 8:00-8:20pm

Zoom Meeting ID: 423-447-1595
Password: 026321
Zoom Link

Bible Reading Challenge
What We’re Reading: Genesis
Dates: Sept. 6, 2021 thru Nov. 2, 2021
How To Join: Click the button to sign up and take the challenge
Join In!

How It Works:

  1. Open the email containing your reading for that day,
  2. Read the chapter
  3. Finally, click on the link at the bottom of that email to log in your reading. That’s it!

The Young People Meetings Have Started!

Saturday Night



*NEW* Listen to the 2021 Central Texas Blending Conference.

Austin Media Room

Now Available! 2021 Central Texas Conference – Building Today’s Ark – The Church as the Corporate Expression of Christ 
Austin Media Room

Archived compilation of past conferences can be found by clicking here: Click here 

The Bible Tells Me So

The Bible Tells Me So website includes fun activities for parents and children to enjoy together, including songs, crafts, and videos. Visit 

“A Holy Marriage for God’s Purpose”

Message number one 

Message number two

As you listen to and take notes on the audio messages, you can also follow along with the outline by clicking on the link below.

Msg 1 & 2 Outlines – Complete with all Verses and Including Excerpts