Serving saints can access their service and registration groups via this link. After clicking on the link, follow the steps listed below to access your group(s).

Step 1:
Click on the Checkin/Leader login button to start. In the password field enter the password provided to you.

Step 2:
You will see a list of groups. Filter your results by selecting the Group Type that you are interested in. For example, filter to Service Group to see the service groups, or Young People’s Group to see the groups related to the YP.

Step 3:
Once you find your group in the list, click on the group name shown in blue text.

Step 4:
After clicking on the group name you will be prompted to enter the group password. This password is specific to each group. Contact another member of your group if you cannot remember the password provided to you.

Note: Group responsible ones can contact the service office for assistance with resetting group passwords.