Training Schedule


Registration Information

Please carefully read all the information below before registering

Cost: $105 per seat ($100 registration fee, $5 outline fee). Cost increases to $130 after December 10.
Location: CIRR Hall, 9100 State Highway 130, Hutto, TX 78634
: Tuesday, December 24, at noon

Full-time Participant: If you register as a full-time participant, you are required to attend all the meetings.

Part-time Participant: If you register as a part-time participant, you have the option to attend the meetings that you are available for. However, you ARE required to attend all the meetings that you register to attend. The service office recommends that you sign up for only one meeting that you know you can make, and then attend any additional meetings that your schedule allows for.

Shared Seat Participant: You may share a seat with 2-3 other saints and split the $100 registration fee ($5 outline fee still applies to each participant). The shared seat must be occupied at each meeting AND only one saint from those who are sharing the seat can attend the meeting. The exception to this rule is open meetings, which all shared seat saints may attend.

Attendance: Only two excused absences are allowed. If you are registered to attend a message, and will be late, or absent, or should need to leave early, please text, in advance, brother Joe at 512-585-4135.

Registration: You may register and pay by texting keyword VIDEO to 512-501-1830. Those who wish to register via desktop/laptop can click here.

Payment: Payment is due when you register. Note: If you are sharing a seat please select the Shared Seat option that applies to you in order to be charged the appropriate amount. Also list the names of the people you are sharing with in the Shared Seat Information field.