Activity Date: July 9

Activity Time: 9am-1pm

Zoo Admission (9-9:30am)
Saints are responsible for purchasing their own admission tickets to the Zoo. You can do it ahead of time online at this link or at the gate. There is a coupon you can use when purchasing tickets at the gate:

We will wait for the saints to come and get into the zoo until 9:30am so we can proceed as a group. Just catch up with the group if you are late.

Please bring your own snacks and water for the time at the Zoo.

Lunch and Special Fellowship (12-1pm)
We will have lunch together at the park across the street from the Zoo. Please see the map below for directions:

Pizza and water will be provided. Bring lawn chairs if you can.

Saints are welcome to go back to the Zoo after lunch and fellowship.

Just a reminder that there is a video training session starting at 7pm that day so please plan your day accordingly.