Deadline for registering to avoid $25 late fee is Wednesday, December 10! Register online using the link provided below.

To avoid the $25 late fee you must register by midnight, Wednesday, December 10 and pay in the service office on Lord’s day, December 14.

Registrations made after December 10 will incur the late fee.

If you have any questions or need assistance completing the registration form, please contact Jane or Pam.

Please use this link to register for the church in Round Rock 2014 winter video training registration.

(Hint: Reduce the size of your browser window to get a more user friendly view of the form…)

For your convenience, a copy of the meeting schedule is available here.

To assist you with completing the registration, following is an explanation of the information requested on the form:

  • * First name
  • * Last name
  • * Email address
  • Mobile phone & carrier – optional, but if you include it we can notify you with information about the training via text message
  • * Age
  • * Gender
  • * Your participation level (full-time, part-time, shared seat). Full-time and part-time is $80; shared seat is $40/person. If sharing a seat then the seat must be occupied during each meeting.
  • If sharing a seat then indicate who you’re sharing a seat with. Note that both saints need to register and pay at the same time.
  • * Indicate your outline language preference
  • If you need translation, please indicate what language
  • Brown chairs are the default chair. If you prefer a different type of chair please indicate what type.
  • * Indicate if you want an audio CD of the messages (one per family, please)
  • * You need to indicate each meeting that you will be attending. If you’re full-time then mark each meeting YES. If part-time then mark YES for the meetings you will attend and NO for the meetings you will not attend. You can refer to the schedule below for meeting dates and times.
  • * Lunch is provided on Saturdays. Please indicate how many will be attending lunch, including children (enter zero if none). Note: Only enter yourself and children you are bringing to the lunch. For example, if your spouse has also registered, don’t include him/her in your count.