Activity Date: July 16

Activity Time: 9am-1pm

Place: Southwest Regional Park (Boulder West Pavilion)

Inside the park there is a splash pad, bikes trails, also a number of sport fields (volleyball,  basketball, etc). There is a $2 per person entrance fee to the Quarry Splash Pad.

Pavilion details
We reserved Boulder West pavilion which will be our home base:

Saints are welcome to stay there or explore the park. There are tables there. We will also set up a cooling station. Drinking water will be provided.

Lunch and Special Fellowship (12-1pm)
We will have burgers for lunch. There will be a time for singing and fellowship.

Park administration requested no glass containers, also no piñatas, silly string, confetti, or sidewalk chalk.

Just a reminder that there is a video training session starting at 7pm that day so please plan your day accordingly.